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OUR VISION –What our ideal is

Hope for a sustainable society
Responsible for the continuing growth of the Group

Employees work energetically

In order to support a sustainable society, the Group must be able to continually grow.
In order for the Group to be able to accomplish this, it is essential that we have an environment in which our employees can demonstrate their abilities with a sense of security.
The ideal form we seek is for all employees to work energetically with an awareness of the sustainability in our society.

OUR MISSION –What we should do

Creating value for many people
with our unique ideas results in

meaningful activities for us.

Unprecedented, unique ideas are value for many people involved in the Group.
Differentiation by creating those value enables the Group to grow and sustain itself.
When the unique value that we create meets customers’ expectation, we can feel what we do is meaningful.
The meaningful activities give us the satisfaction of working and leads us to creating more new ideas.

OUR VALUES –What our values are

Create an environment in which everyone
can demonstrate his or her abilities

with a sense of security by acknowledging
diverse personalities.

Diversity of personality creates an environment where unique ideas are born.
We share three values in order to create an environment where employees can feel safe and empowered.

  • Acknowledge people and ideas that differ from your own, and create new value by exchanging opinions
  • Have a willingness to constantly challenge for growth and strive to acquire and improve our abilities and skills
  • Imagine the impact of your work and activities and think of ways to lead to better results


We think and act according to our standards as a member of the Group.

Comply with laws and social norms

We comply with all relevant laws and social rules, and maintain a high sense of ethics.

Respect human rights

We respect human rights, protect the dignity of the individual, and recognize and accept diversity.

Engage in environmental and social activities

We recognize the importance of environmental and social activities for the realization of sustainability,
and we proactively work on them.

Be fair and equitable

We value honesty and always try to be fair and equitable.

Take risks and challenges

We always consider the option of taking a risk and consider challenging opportunities.

Value our trust

We strive to enhance public and private trust and value relationships in which we trust others based on appropriate information.

Grow through self-fulfillment

We understand the significance of our work and activities and see them as opportunities for self-fulfillment in order to continue to grow.